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Google Classroom review

Google Classroom is the official app for distance education by Google, meeting the needs of education in the quarantine time. You can use Google Classroom via web interface or with mobile apps, which makes the service truly ubiquitous.

Design and Usability 5/5

The app is meant for both students and teachers, so on installing it you need to choose your team. For students, it offers curriculum, contact with teachers, reminders of homework, and other necessary information. Teachers can keep track on both their courses and their students, create notes and comments on anything, create surveys, and so on.

Google services are integrated: say, materials are automatically uploaded to their folders on Google Drive, and notifications you receive can be sent via Gmail. Anyway, you will need a Google account to participate.

Key Functions 5/5

The app is full of tools for most existing disciplines: algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, linguistics, computer science, and so on. These tools can be applied for appropriate lessons, creating methodical materials on subjects. 

In Google Education, students and teachers can connect with each other without revealing more personal contact data. They can exchange works and collaborate at projects. Teachers can keep track on the class’s work, rate works, give students personalized recommendations. Rating is made as easy as can be, comments can be added when necessary, and as soon as the work is rated, the student gets notified about it.

Security 5/5

Integrated with other Google services, Google Education is as protected as your password is. Do the best to create a secure one and change it regularly, especially if you are a teacher or a headmaster. As for Google’s policy, it claims it won’t use students’ or teachers’ private data for its advertising purposes. Last but not least: it requires special accounts for students, so their personal ones are not involved at all.



  • The app may crash on older devices
  • Sometimes it takes too long to send a piece of homework.


  • Meets the requirements of distance education
  • Free for educational and nonprofit organizations
  • Lots of built-in educational tools.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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