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Amazon Alexa review

Amazon Alexa is an application that allows setting up and applying Alexa-enabled devices. The range of features is quite extended. You can benefit from its functionality and make your daily routine even at a distance. You can navigate the app manually or issue commands in a steady voice so that the app could understand them and perform the tasks.

Design and Usability, 5/5

The app is well-designed with a simple interface and an uncluttered layout. You can do without pressing buttons using it hands-free. Just launch the app, see it on the screen of your device and pronounce your command or ask a question. The mobile device may even be kept in your pocket, and still, the app will listen to you and complete your tasks. First, after installation, you should grant the required permissions so that the app could get access to your camera, microphone, and other resources needed to complete the task. Every time you need it again, just tap the Alexa icon and say your request. To cancel your command, tap a blue circle with X in it.

Key Functions, 5/5

The app recognizes your voice, learns your vocabulary, and analyzes your preferences to be more useful in the future. It means that you are recommended to use it more often if you want to make it more efficient. Create routines and benefit from them on the go. You can set up the thermostats, lights, alarms, other elements of your smart home, keep all the locks in your dwelling under control at a distance, connect to the music services to listen to your favorites, arrange your schedule during the day, create and check your to-do list, and perform plenty of other useful things. Also, it allows making calls and sending or receiving messages if you communicate with a user of the Alexa-enabled devices. These services are free of charge.

Security, 5/5

The app is rather secure, though you should know that it monitors your activity to create a complete idea of your preferences and language.



  • It can misunderstand the commands from time to time.


  • The app is extremely simple to use
  • It comes with plenty of features
  • It learns from your personal needs and may distinguish between different people.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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